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Fulfilling the missions and responsibilities on ordinary positions-- A glimpse of the scenes of combating COVID-19 in the Innovation Department of China Security & Protection Group

时间:2022-5-17 14:40:22    

At the time of severe outbreak of COVID-19, the epidemic situation is the command, while the epidemic containment is the battlefield. In this context, China Security & Protection Group requires the security guards on duty at the front line to consistently adhere to the three principles:

First, spare no effort to insist on the implementation of epidemic containment measures. All resident on-duty personnel of the Innovation Department strictly implement local policies and requirements of epidemic containment, earnestly perform various epidemic containment measures, and actively fulfill their obligations for epidemic containment, insist on taking temperature measurement and verifying health QR code, do a good job in conscientiously taking responsibilities at their posts, strictly prevent “cases input from abroad and careless omission of cases at home”, take actions with due diligence in the face of risks, and never back down in the face of challenges, being the brave “heroes putting themselves in harm’s way”.


Taking temperature measurement                              Scanning health QR code

Second, resolutely being strict with ourselves. We organized to strengthen internal supervision, prevent and control internal hidden dangers, and take wearing masks as an important measure to strengthen self-protection and be responsible for the safety of others,and urged all staff to frequently wash their hands, conduct ventilation and disinfection, and strictly take the measures such as temperature measurement and separate individual dining.

Third, consistently conduct epidemic containment and training concurrently. In addition to doing their own work well, Tian Huiling, the security team leader, and Wang Lin, the deputy team leader stationed at a scientific research institute in Beijing, organized the team members to strengthen professional ability training. The hard training played an important role at the critical moment. At around 11 o’clock on April 22, a fire broke out in the laboratory of the scientific research institute due to spontaneous combustion of phosphorus. After hearing the fire alarm bell, the team leader Tian Huiling and the deputy team leader Wang Lin rushed to the fire spot, and called the team members on the walkie-talkie while running. Both of them rushed to the site in about 2 minutes, and other team members also arrived one after another. The fire was controlled in about 10 minutes, thus avoiding major accidents and property losses. The firefighters received praise and reward from the leaders. As the old saying goes, “A thousand days of military training aims to utilize the military forces at urgent moments”, which has fully reflected the outstanding quality of the security team.


Fire drills


Anti-riot drills                       Job supervision

Under the command of the supervision department, China Security & Protection Group will continue to make more efforts to further strengthen the education and management of the security team, consistently do a good job in epidemic containment in a scientific way, spare no effort to conduct epidemic containment, and create a safe working environment for the client. Let’s unite as one to combat COVID-19, and strive to win the white war. We are bound to win the fight against COVID-19!